Wk 15- Last Classmate Convo with (Diana Martinez)

Wooooo! The semester is coming to an end, with that being said today was our last week of interviews. Today I was able to interview one of the members of the “Fab Four” Diana Martinez. 😛 Anyway, Diana is a first year Marketing major like myself, but unlike myself Diana knew she was set on marketing. Also she is from Paramount which is about 10 minutes away from where I live. (We spent 4 minutes or something prouncing Paramount lol) Although I scoped this from the moment she walked up to me, I noticed that Diana is very witty and sarcastic (which is a good thing). Towards the end of our convo I asked Diana a couple of random questions which she gave pretty good responses to.

The first question: Tell me something interesting about yourself? Diana responded with her having a blog and how she had it for quite some time now. She also stated that she likes/want to collaborate with people and do fun thing.

Second question: Describe yourself in one word? Well the first word Diana responded with was “stressed” and being that final’s week is rapidly approaching I think everyone can agree with that.

Sooo then now a few hobbies that she is into is Photography, Editing videos,she also said that she’s an professional instagramer,writing,blogging,and exploring around.

Overall, it was nice meeting Diana this week and I wish her the best in her studies. (;IMG_0095


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