Wk 12- Extra Credit

3 Favorite activities this semester: In no particular order, my favorite three activities this semester was Photography (week 10), Painting (week 7), and Counterfactual (week 5). I chose these three activities as my favorite because obviously I had fun doing them but they were also interesting because they all allowed me to do something that I’ve never done before. Such as the photography, yes I’ve done photography before but I’ve never done it focusing on the way I’d want to die which was a bit weird to think of in the beginning but once I’ve started the activity I thought it was pretty cool. Now as far as the Painting week, I think this may have been my absolute favorite week, especially because I was able to go to Venice and paint there. Not to mention spray painting was something that I’ve never done before and I think going to Venice made the activity 10 times more fun vs just spray paint on a piece of cardboard at home. The counterfactual week was just really interesting, and I just enjoyed dressing up a little out of the ordinary.

3 Least favorite activités this semester: Although I really had no hard feelings towards any of the activities my 3 least favorite compared to all the other activities was Instagram (week 2), Kickstart (week 3), and ePortfolio (week 8). These activities weren’t necessarily bad or anything I just wasn’t too excited in doing them. Especially the ePortfolio because I all the themes that or changes that I wanted to make to my blog costed ALOT.

Feedback on the class: The class was definitely fun and I LOVED how this is my only class that allowed me to interact with a lot of people. I think the classmate interviews on Thursday’s is a good idea because to be honest, I think if we didn’t have to interview each other then we probably wouldn’t even talk to one another and everyone would just check out the galleries and leave.

What can make the class better? Overall I think everything is on point with the class, the only thing that frustrates me is WordPress because just to get a nice theme or anything you have to pay 50$ or up. My little suggestion would be probably checking out tumblr instead to use for the blogging part of the class because its a lot more versatile with themes and what not.


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