Wk 11- Classmate Interview ( Kiana Lightbourn)

IMG_8813This week I met the lovely  Kiana Lightbourn,whom is a 18 year old Marine Bio Major. I was very impressed with Kiana because it seems like she knows exactly what she’d like to do,while I’m here still trying to figure everything out. Kiana stated that she wants to work with marine birds and the other little cute birds you see at the beach with the little stick feet. Although Kiana was born in the Bahamas, she actually grew up here in Long Beach with her mother,father, and four other siblings. Along with her decent size family she also have  a few pets,4  dogs,4 cats,2 turtles,and some fish to be exact. With that being said I came to the conclusion that Kiana loves animals. After rambling about our lives,we then went on to talk about our hobbies and favorite movies and such things. A mutual show that we both really like is the Netflix hit series Orange is the New Black and she also suggested that I should check out the movie Mr. Nobody starring Jared Leto. All in all,I had a good time talking with Kiana.(:


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