Wk 9- Artist Interview (Christine Hudson)

The particular gallery that caught my eye this week was displayed by artist Christine Hudson. Initially before walking into the gallery I thought I was just stepping into a black draped room filled with gravel. I then looked carefully and realized I was in a room full of teeth(Obviously not real teeth but nicely hand crafted teeth made out of porcelain clay). Although I was already amazed by the gallery, once I read Christine’s story I was lured further into amazement. I definitely felt a connection, not to the story itself because I have not lost anyone close to me to suicide but I have lost people due to other situations and I know there is a specific pain that someone feels when they lose someone close to them. After speaking with Christine and getting a little more insight on the gallery she created, I was told that it took her about 6 months to create all one hundred and twenty-five thousand pieces of teeth and essentially she wanted to create sober and grieving space which she definitly nailed.



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