Wk 8 – Artist Interview (YingYang Fu)

Being a Beach Bum myself I really enjoyed YingYang’s gallery. No matter what type of day you are having or what type of emotions are running through your body, going to the beach seems to relax you and makes you forget about all your troubles, at least it does for me. I really liked that YingYang was able to add in every single color that you see when your at the beach. For example,my favorite is when the sun is just going down and the sky becomes a vibrant but beautiful orange color and the reflection of the water becomes a glassy blue. YingYang really did a great job at making me feel as if I was actually at the beach through her paintings.

Overall, YingYang’s pieces definitely brought peace and comfort within me. It also made me realize that I haven’t gone to the beach yet so I went that Friday and although it worn me out by the end of the day from surfing, watching the sun go down and those beautiful colors flow through the air reminded me of YingYang’s paintings.20141016_110408


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