Wk 7- Classmate Interview (Kylie Hazehara)

Today I had the pleasure of talking with classmate Kylie Hazehara. Kylie is a first year undeclared student, who is thinking about majoring in Kinesiology so that she can become a PA(I’m guessing that’s a physical assistant?). She isn’t completely sure about a major though. I told her that she still has plenty of time to figure out what she’d lie to do because statistically the average college student changes their major at least twice,right?

Kylie is from the San Gabriel Valley and she chose to come to CSULB because this was her top school. She is also the oldest out of her two other siblings. I asked Kylie what was her biggest fear and I somewhat thought she’d respond with “spiders” but Kylie’s greatest fear is actually public speaking. I can somewhat connect with her on that although public speaking isn’t my greatest fear,I do sometimes freeze up when I am speaking in front of a large group of people.



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