Wk 7-Artist Interview (Maggie Freed and Yee LI)


All of the galleries today were pretty awesome but the gallery that really caught my eyes was the Introspection gallery created by the wonderful artist Maggie Freed and Yee Li. Luckily I actually had the opportunity to speak with one of the artist ( Yee Li). Both Yee and Maggie are students here at CSULB,but this is Yee’s last semester therefore she will be graduating in May and Maggie still has about a year to go.

While speaking to Yee, I asked her what was the meaning behind their pieces and she told me that the pieces had an open meaning so that the viewers can interpret it themselves. She then went on to tell me that for her she wanted to express anxiety through pieces and Maggie wanted to as well. She also wanted to display sporadic thoughts which Yee and Maggie did so wonderfully.

IMG_8300 IMG_8308


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