Wk 6- Drawings

This week is selfie week, featuring the app French Girls. Although taking selfies seems to be my forte, drawing a picture of someone else’s selfie isn’t. Now I’m not going to sugar coat this but my drawing ability is pretty bad,at least on little iPhone screen. I think maybe if I had a bigger screen or with a pen to draw with then my attempts would have been a bit more decent. However, I did have fun drawing other’s selfies and I think i’ve found my new favorite app to use when I’m bored in class 😀

This here is the first selfie I drew of a lovely chick.


I guess it could have been worse, I see a bit of similarity,but hey I gave it my all. & I believed she like it as well so yayyy 😀


There’s a fellow making a silly face, I think I nailed it with the hair and eyebrows to be honest. Doesn’t it look just like him? 😀

SO I myself upload a couple selfies and so far i’ve only gotten one drawn of me but Loook how cool it is!


Look those curves! haha

Well thats the only one that was drawn of me so far, I’m hoping for more though(:


I got another selfie drawn of me,yayyyy I guess the person put a little effort in so I’ll give them props for that (:

All in all this was a fun and east activity for this week.


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