Wk 6- Classmate Interview (Troy Tintiangco)

This week as I took my time scrambling through the galleries, I realized that I had not yet found someone to interview. Luckily, I came across a cool kid leaning against the brick wall who happened to be looking for an interviewee as well,or at least waiting for someone to come up to him. Troy Tintiangco is his name, and he is a second year film student here at CSULB. Although Troy is originally from San Diego, CA he chose to relocate here in Long Beach, CA for school and to pretty much have a fresh start in a new city. He said Long Beach was the perfect distance from home, that would allow him to get away from home but also if something were to happen back home he wouldn’t be too far.

A hobby that Troy seems to enjoy is “creating stuff on word illustrator” and other techie stuff that allows him to work on a computer. He also stated that he has a Nikon d5200 and GoPro camera which I assume he use for his film projects or what not. I myself have a Nikon d3000 and I recently brought the GoPro camera (which is so far the best purchase I’ve made in a while), so I thought that was pretty cool that we have similar interest

. IMG_7961


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