Wk 5- Counterfactual

This week I decided to take on the blacked out rocker chick as my counterfactual persona. Although most of friends told me that I dress this way most of the time anyway, I still felt like a different person to be honest. As I roamed through the campus with my black on black outfit, my friends and I noticed that I was getting A LOT of stares through out the day, which was a bit weird but whatever. Even though I felt that I looked very unapproachable a few people did make comments to me saying”I love your style”. Also as I talked to a few random people nearly all of them assumed that I was an art major or music major. With that being said, it brought me to the conclusion that the way you dress and persona you put on seems to go with what major your in or hobbies you like to partake in.


Rock on!


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