Wk 5- Interview with Classmate (Minyon Spencer)

This week I had the opportunity to meet the talented and fabulous artist Moon Dust. Moon Dust traveled all the way from the land of free health care and maple syrup ( Ontario, Canada). Growing up in Canada, unlike us Americans who typically receive a  car for graduation or our sixteenth birthday she actually got a great big moose whom she named Moose. Many have given Moon Dust the title of being the modern Picasso. Although Moon Dust attire tends to be extremely “mix-matchy” she states that her choice of clothing gives her a sense of originality.

Now on to the real Minyon Spencer, she is a first year finance student who actually plans to change her major to Nutrition. She is originally from Tracey, CA but now she resides in the CSULB dorms (p.s I hope you don’t catch that freshman 15 like I did).

Although Minyon didn’t really state any hobbies she currently has, she did tell me that she use to cheer and also she likes to travel and go to the beach.



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