Wk 4- Plaster Casting

This week we had a very fun hands on activity that allowed us to go to the beach. My friend, Abbey, and I decided to go Long Beach Pike Beach, which I must say was pretty filthy. Other than the beach itself being a dirty mess we had a great time doing this activity.

As you can see below this is a photo of Abbey stuck in the ground, I was debating on leaving her there but then I figured that would be pretty harsh since the dirty tide would come in soon.


IMG_7307 IMG_8714

Team work is the best work I was actually stuck with my foot in the ground because I didn’t angle my foot enough. But after a little time and effort I was able to get out.

IMG_5476 IMG_9562 IMG_1283


So that was the finish project, apparently my foot actually resembles a rhino’s head.


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