Wk 4- Artist Interview with Maccabee Shelley

Artist Maccabee Shelley, created these wonderful and creative pieces. After talking with Shelley for a bit he stated that he was never an artist growing up. He said that he never had the talent of drawing or anything but what he did have was patience and if you care about something then that’s what matters.

IMG_7626 IMG_7627 IMG_7628

A little of the process that Shelley stated is that he buys all the materials then leaves them out. Then he melts the all the pieces in a kiln. Shelley hopes that they get new equipment to make it easier so that it’ll be easier for him and the other artist. In the gallery that Shelley’s pieces were shown in he stated that it was only a very small percentage of his work.

I really like Shelley’s work though, and every piece was different but they all complimented one another.


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