Wk 3- Artist “Interview” Christopher Vavrek

Christopher Vavrek created a very technological display in one of the Glamfa art galleries. Prior to actually walking into the gallery I noticed how dark the room was, and the hanging eletrical tubes hanging from the ceiling. The first thought that came to mind, was that I was going to walk through a haunted house. As I walked in the gallery and hit that first corner I saw old desk top computer screens giving off the annoying static light when the satellite or antenna is down.Throughout the gallery i was able to see more old technology being used, and also portraying colors such as blue,green,and some sort of orange.IMG_7540IMG_7543IMG_7546


Once I wrapped around the gallery and read Vavrek’s thesis I then realized what  he was trying to get across through his display.

Vavrek stated that he really identifies with unwanted machines and materials because “it allows us to re identify  with them”.

Vavrek’s goal was to give life back to these unwanted machines and materials because they are what made the new and shiny technology what it is today.


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