Wk 3- Activity- Kickstart Pitch Video

A kickstarted project that actually appealed to me, and one that I actually thought of myself prior to even seeing the video was the “Motorcycle That Can Change the Industry”. I’ve always been a girl that wanted to own my own motorcycle but according to my parents it just isn’t safe because you are out in the open. This particular motorcyle  would allow you to be inside the motorcycle and not just on it, which will give any motorcyclist an ease knowing  they are somewhat more safe.

With many young people going to parties or any social event that has alchol beverages, and if they drove alone or whatever the case may be, I came up with an idea that will allow a device that you can hook up to your car that will be your own designated driver. I know that there are taxi’s and even other ways such as the Uber  car system that can get you around, but depending on where you’re going that can be quite pricey. There’s also the Google car that can drive it self, but I think having a device that  you can carry around and hook up to ANY car would be compatible.


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