Wk 2- “Interview” with artist Andrea Marie Breiling

“Big” by Andrea Marie Breiling,

Andrea’s work displayed a “Big” and amazing piece of art here at the CSULB Glamfa event. Andrea incorporated lots of different colors and textures within her piece. Andrea used many different tools and layers of paint in order to create her futurism work of art. 

Typically when I picture walking into an art museum this is the type of art I’d like to see. Although there may not be no real meaning to this piece, I found it to be very interesting. I feel that the different layers put upon this piece is meant to portray something. Andrea does mentions that this piece is what you get where “granola-pop,cyber-punk,futurism, and science fiction collides” If you know anything about these things then you can see exactly what Andrea put together. With the brighter colors such as the specks of green and other bright colors incorporating the cyber punk  side and the texture and lines displaying the futurism and science fiction aspect of the piece.

P.s. I’d just like to point out how I blend quite well with Andreah piece 😀


You can catch more of Andrea’s work at the following link.



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