Wk 2- Instagram

 Instagram, an app that is used worldwide by billions of people which allows us to display what we see,think,or even hear through a collage of pictures. Just like any other social media app, you can collect a group of followers to share your pictures with, which could be family,friends, or just a bunch or random people. With that being said, some people have millions of followers while others have a few thousand or hundred. Anyway, some people try to hold their standards high and typically display their photographs in order to get a certain number of likes, and well if they don’t then they’d delete the picture they’ve posted (I know a lot of people that does this).

While taking these pictures I typically tried to capture moments that I do on a regular basis. Such as this photo with the Pom trees. My caption read “Crusin’ down the streets” although I don’t always pass these specific Pom trees,I can say that I do spend a lot of my time driving around even if I have no where to go. 


My photo captured “Selfie nation” as you can see this is me taking a selfie and to the right of my you see a girl(Abbey) taking a selfie as well. This picture wasn’t actually planned but once I looked at the picture we all thought it was pretty funny and cool. Again, I wanted to capture things that I do on a regular basis and well taking selfies are one of them. Haha.


Now, as you may know it has been extremely hot, so after a long day of walking around school, I’ve made a habit of taking my shoes off in the car to “give the puppies a little A/C”. Let me say this is pretty equivalent to dunking my feet in ice cold water.


As I scrolled through the tag of what seemed like an endless amount of photos,I notice that many of them were the same. For example there were multiple photos of people’s MacBooks, selfies, parking lots,cars and other things. This obviously brought me to the conclusion that we’re all pretty much the same in some sort of way. Believe it or not,we are definitely a community and hopefully after everyone has seen all the photos together everyone else in the class will realize it as well.






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