Wk 2-Conversation with student Vanessa Garcia

IMG_0009As I walked through the different art studios, I met Vanessa Garcia. We both were looking for a student to interview but lucky as the class was coming to an end we just so happened to find one another. As I looked at Vanessa, I thought to myself “she looks familar” and it was because we were in the same class last year apparently. haha. Vanessa is major in Biology because she would like to work with the FBI in crime scenes or what not. She said that she has always been into investigation and she enjoys watching shows like Criminal Mind which just so happens to have my fantasy husband (Shamar Moore).

I also asked Vanessa a little about her personal life such as how many siblings she has and where she’s originally from. She replied with having five siblings and she is actually from Long Beach. Vanessa is the middle child along with her twin sister (they’re fraternal ).  Vanessa and I then realized that we have a bit in common with both our birthdays being in January aka the best month of the year 😀



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