Wk 1- “Conversation” with artist April Bey

 Although there was no real conversation with artist April Bey and I, I totally understand the meaning and work behind her art piece. Those who have a close connection with social media may understand this piece as well without an blink of an eye. As you can see each famous person within Bey’s piece represents a symobol such as Beyonce` better known as “Queen Bey” many people look up to Beyonce,including myself because she is a driving force of pure talent. If you watched the latest VMA’s you would have seen that Beyonce put on a mini concert for her beloved fans. As I watched the show with my grandmother (who is a hardcore Christian), once Beyonce` was done performing EVERYONE in the crowd started chanting her name and all my grandmother could say was “OH,Lord this is not good”. While i was sitting back thinking “grandma this is a concert…that’s what people do…” Anyway the day after there were tons of memes floating the internet portraying Beyonce` as a god.

For example,



this is just one of the many examples.

Now getting to Miley Cyrus…”Keep Calm and Glorify Trash” now many people may few Miley as trash well because she was once an innocent young Disney Channel gal and now she’s an out of control trashy gal….I guess people don’t realize that celebrities grow up too. Miley is doing her own thing for once and my opinion may be biased since i actually really like Miley but again if you watched the VMA’s you would have saw that she did the most heart warming thing no one has ever done…

Anyway, each of the famous people have a symbol that is supposed to represent the person that they are based on there status within how the world percieves them… Basically the meaning behind Bey’s piece is that every famous person has a specific symbol behind them to represent who they are and what they contribute to the world.



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